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Feeling stuck? Need a change in strategy, career or team dynamics? The odds against you making change are 9 to 1 against it. Let us show you how to beat those odds. Founder of Up Your Creative Genius, Patti Dobrowolski is an internationally recognized strategic illustrator and keynote speaker, critically acclaimed comic performer, writer and business consultant.  Her innovative visual practices have transformed NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individuals around the world. Her keynote talks and workshops show you and your teams how to use a simple visual to create positive change that enhances culture, employee performance and the bottom line.

Known for her high energy, quick wit and commitment to helping people and businesses achieve their goals; she lives in the rainforest of Portlandia, OR.

Client List

  • FritoLay North America
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Starbucks
  • Pepsico
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Genentech/Roche
  • McKesson
  • FedEx
  • Intel
  • TrueBlue
  • Pall Corporation
  • TriNet Corporation
  • Gilead Sciences
  • USDA
  • City of Denver
  • City of Atlanta
  • City of Mukilteo

Enhance Your Business Today

Looking for ways to help you or your team unstuck and remotivated? Read Patti’s blog “Drawing Solutions: How Visuals Will Change Your Life”, follow her on Twitter, email her directly or call 206.618.1030.

About Patti

Patti received her MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. A member of the National Speaker’s Association, she is a TEDx featured speaker, multiple business award winner and past Broadway performer.


Keynote Speaker

TEDx: Imagination Changes Everything


As one viewer comments, “This is amazing!” Patti Dobrowolski focuses on the idea that ‘imagination it is the engine of our lives’ in this challenging and entertaining presentation about using your imagination in new and exciting ways.


TEDx: Drawing Your Dreams Into Reality


In her TEDxRainier talk, Patti Dobrowolski shows how you can beat the research that gives you 9 to 1 odds against you making a change in your life and how to leverage new neuroscience discoveries. Watch and see how easy it is to draw your dreams into reality.


Seattle Unity Church

Patti’s sermon “Love is the Portal”, at the Seattle Unity Church, provides insights into using love to build a fulfilling life.


Conversations Live interview

Whether yours is a daunting challenge, a great success story, or a question regarding making your dreams a reality, don’t miss this fun and inspiring interview with Patti on Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair from KKNW 1150AM. (click to 1215 on the Podcast player for this segment).


Visualize Your Future with Patti Dobrowolski

Radio2Women hosts Serene Mastrianni and Gabrielle Senza interview veteran change agent and acclaimed comic performer Patti Dobrowolski about her newest book, Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life. Patti discusses the importance of activating your right brain to create your visual future and using your own illustration to change your life.


Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your LIfe

Drawing Solutions video: Author Patti Dobrowolski describes the positive impact her book can have on your life and work.


Change Your Life with Visual Goal Setting

Million Dollar Mindset February 2012

Listen to Patti’s podcast with host Marla Tabaka, as they discuss the amazing process to help you create the life and business that you dream of!


Focus On Design 2011

Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life

Watch Patti’s Keynote at Focus On Design 2011.


Visual, Interactive Goal Setting

Shift your work, solidify your team and inspire your organization to turn vision into reality! Up your Creative Genius helps you identify clear targets, craft a solid change plan – all within a unique format to access and leverage your team’s creativity to meet your goals. Patti Dobrowolski will mash up interactive, playful environments with solid business outcomes so your team works together in new, relaxed, collaborative ways to get you those fantastic new product ideas, visions of the future, or solid strategies that hold your team’s focus until the goals have been met.

Dobrowolski’s vision and strategy sessions might include having your team challenge their creativity through drawing, game storming, active scenario planning to engages all parts of the brain. Unification of communication plans might be delivered through a company performance with highly engaged employee actors. Visuals from her workshops and key notes line the hallways of the big companies FritoLay NA, emerging geniuses,  USDA and city government offices, and multiple program areas at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  A change agent that is resilient, flexible, tailored, and inspired, Patti engages all levels of stakeholders from C-level down to make sure your objectives are clearly exceeded.

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“A wonderful book. What makes Patti great is that she actually does what we all should: she DRAWS out her ideas where we can all SEE them!”
- Dan Roam, author of the international bestseller, The Back of the Napkin

“This method for realizing and manifesting your dreams is brilliant in its simplicity and amazingly effective.”
- Mary Carroll Moore, author of Your Book Starts Here: Create, Craft, and Sell Your First Novel, Memoir, or Nonfiction Book

“A profoundly creative guide for anyone wanting to focus their life goals and manage change. Patti shows you how to use visual imagery to clarify where you are and where you want to go.”
- Nancy Margulies, author of Visual Thinking; Tools for Mapping Your Ideas


Seattle Business Magazine: Drawing Solutions
The new year is in full swing and most Seattle businesses and nonprofits have done their initial goal setting – identifying strategy, measuring against last year’s success or challenges and dreaming that vision of success. Read More…


Strategic Illustrator

This powerful tool that enables groups of people to work together in highly effective, collaborative and satisfying ways. It’s a visual system that captures information, ideas and documents and interactively supports group process. The best part is, it integrates both sides of your brain, so your team’s ideas and excitement builds when someone captures it in real time pictures.

To the casual observer, the essence of strategic illustration or graphic capture is the ability to listen, take quick accurate notes and draw. Beneath the surface exists a deeper understanding of business processes, listening for meaning, consulting, filtering/synthesis and graphic architecture skills. One of just over 300 Strategic Illustrators in the world, Patti uses strategic visuals and processes to accelerate change.



In this area, you will find materials on aspects of leadership. Many of the ideas, frameworks and models I use in coaching sessions or team development workshops are here for you to download and purchase.

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