TEDx: Imagination Changes Everything


As one viewer comments, “This is amazing!” Patti Dobrowolski focuses on the idea that ‘imagination it is the engine of our lives’ in this challenging and entertaining presentation about using your imagination in new and exciting ways.

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TEDx: Drawing Your Dreams Into Reality


In her TEDxRainier talk, Patti Dobrowolski shows how you can beat the research that gives you 9 to 1 odds against you making a change in your life and how to leverage new neuroscience discoveries. Watch and see how easy it is to draw your dreams into reality.

Seattle Unity Church

Patti’s sermon “Love is the Portal”, at the Seattle Unity Church, provides insights into using love to build a fulfilling life.

Conversations Live interview

Whether yours is a daunting challenge, a great success story, or a question regarding making your dreams a reality, don’t miss this fun and inspiring interview with Patti on Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair from KKNW 1150AM. (click to 1215 on the Podcast player for this segment).

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