Visual, Interactive Goal Setting

Shift your work, solidify your team and inspire your organization to turn vision into reality! Up your Creative Genius helps you identify clear targets, craft a solid change plan – all within a unique format to access and leverage your team’s creativity to meet your goals. Patti Dobrowolski will mash up interactive, playful environments with solid business outcomes so your team works together in new, relaxed, collaborative ways to get you those fantastic new product ideas, visions of the future, or solid strategies that hold your team’s focus until the goals have been met.

Dobrowolski’s vision and strategy sessions might include having your team challenge their creativity through drawing, game storming, active scenario planning to engages all parts of the brain. Unification of communication plans might be delivered through a company performance with highly engaged employee actors. Visuals from her workshops and key notes line the hallways of the big companies FritoLay NA, emerging geniuses,  USDA and city government offices, and multiple program areas at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  A change agent that is resilient, flexible, tailored, and inspired, Patti engages all levels of stakeholders from C-level down to make sure your objectives are clearly exceeded.