Patti Dobrowolski Up Your Creative Genius

Dynamic, Engaging Keynotes​

When you have only 60 minutes to inspire your team, thank your employees, or galvanize your organization, every moment counts. Research shows that your audience will only remember 50% of a 10 minute talk!


You want great ideas to stick with your audience, right? They long for inspiring stories, analogies, visuals and real-life case studies. No worries, I've got you covered! 


comic performer, writer and visual thinker, I partner with your design team to craft a powerful talk that will lock itself into the long term memory.  For every talk I give, I draw concepts and your audience's ideas into a beautiful picture live onstage. That piece of art is yours to keep, to remind you and your organization, this is our future!


Brands we love to work with...

Draw Your Future: How a Simple Picture Changes Everything

If you want to stay relevant you have to be able to pivot your strategy quickly! Draw Your Future (my most highly requested talk) engages participants to experientially discover how to draw a simple picture to accelerate change.

Using my signature process, the “Snapshot of the Big Picture,” I'll show everyone how to leverage the latest neuroscience and drawing to train their brains to identify and stay focused to achieve key goals. Participants will capture their current and desired states of business/life, then build the bold steps they’ll take into that desired new reality they’ve been dreaming about. Finally, they will leave with a clear and compelling action plan to revisit and build upon each week to bring about the very changes they desire.  See how a simple picture can help change your business or your life – and nobody even needs to know how to draw!

This talk is adaptable for individual, business, organization, or team use. Experience the true power of “A picture speaks a thousand words”, and let a picture inspire you and your team to accelerate your goal setting success.