3 Things Creative Geniuses Do

1. Daydream The Positive

People daydream close to 50% of our waking hours.  Next time you are in daydreaming limbo, take one thing you are working on, one goal and consciously daydream about it.

serotonin and oxytocin and will build your will power to keep going and feel more supported by others in achieving your dreams. In a recent Scientific American article, Scott Barry Kaufman shares the benefits of mind wandering.“We mind wander, by choice or accident, because it produces tangible reward when measured against goals and aspirations that are personally meaningful.”

2. Draw in Your Meeting to Reduce Time by 28% 

You’ll be happy to learn that in a Wharton School of Business study they found that people who drew or used visuals to illustrate the concepts being discussed spent 28% less time in meetings everyday.  When you doodle your ideas, people “get them” quicker.  When all of your meeting mavericks doodle, the meeting gets super exciting very quickly and we speed through the meeting agenda and on to other things. Looking for ways to cut down meeting time?! Utilize that whiteboard people!

3. Free Read Every Day

Remember how excited you got when you finished your work in the classroom and the teacher told you that now was FREE READING TIME? Awesome.  There are the most amazing books out there in the world.

GO do some free READing.  get busy, genius you!

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