5 Reasons to Bring Your Real Self to Work

It’s Summer, Why Not? Is there a difference between your real self and the one you use to adapt to your work environment? if you just said yes in your head, I want to give you 5 reasons to just bring you. 

When you bring your real self, well..

1. It’s more relaxing. I’m not suggesting you wear your pajamas to work, but rather be the relaxed, summertime you inside those pajamas. The authentic you who has a viewpoint, an opinion, a voice. The one who used to lounge by the pool, or buy your friend a popsicle when that truck came around with the awesomely obnoxious music. The one who just did things spontaneously and asked for forgiveness later.

2. It’s easier to handle other people when you are yourself. Relaxing into the self you were born to be, helps you be less ruffled by that off-handed comment from your boss (or your boyfriend). You can just smile or shrug or be curious, just like you were when you were 3.

3. It takes more courage and being courageous rewires your brain (in a good way!). It means you’ll ask for the time off you need, then you won’t take a stay-cation and keep checking your email every 5 minutes, you’ll actually go to the water, get on a floatie and float. You’ll feel more competent and confident to ask for that promotion, follow up on that lead, ask that person out to lunch.

4. It creates more space in your head. Head space opens up when you stop trying to please other people because you are supposed to and allows you to give naturally. Giving for real only happens when you really, really want to and you aren’t thinking about that reward you’re going to get…someday.

5. It’s more fun. No kidding. It’s fun to be yourself. You are playful, creative, silly, sarcastic, hyper. When you let all of yourself come through, you’re once again that wide eyed child, excited and amazed by everything and everyone.

Just be you. If the gap between who you really are and who you bring to work exists, why not use this summer to bridge that gap. Become a role model for those around you. Don’t be surprised when, before summer’s over, someone turns to you and says, “I want to be more like you. You are so…yourself!”

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