5 Simple Ways to up your Creative Genius Day (and Night)

Step it up.

It’s hard to step it up all the time. You’ve got this great job and it requires something of you or you’re a single parent and your kid wants your attention when you get home. Step it UP. Remember why you are here, be grateful for what you’ve got and do one more act of love and service.

Sleep on it.

People want to make us move at the speed of light. Okay, but why? Why. When we succumb to this instantaneous decision-making it doesn’t allow us to reflect and return with a better sense of the whole picture. What’s one day in a decision to purchase something? Sleeping on it allows you to integrate it with the subconscious self, integrate it into the essence of you and ask for a deeper sign. How will it play out, is it truly something you need to buy, or need to do? Sleep on it and let your truth sift up to the surface.

Intermittent fasting/Mindful Eating

There’s emerging research on how it can be beneficial to fast intermittently, which means take a day/half-day off from eating food. This is a strategy that only works for some people. If you think it might be you, give it a go! If you have a health issue that prevents it, or get shaky/weak when you fast then don’t stop eating, but become conscious and grateful for everything you put into your mouth. Stop eating lunch at your desk, or while you browse Facebook. Shift the pattern.

Really listen.

Listen to people until they are finished speaking, not just until it’s your turn to speak. Listening is in fact an art form. In ancient Rome, listening was revered. Listening deeply means you are giving your full attention to someone and their world. You can do this, it’s so awesome and you will absolutely love it. Let yourself listen. Listen fully and broadly.

Disrupt yourself.

Ho hum the day drolls on and you’re sleeping while walking. This meeting, that meeting, this conversation or that. BREAK IT UP. Before you enter a room, set your intent to be fully present. A lot of us love patterns but that’s not how we expand ourselves. We build new neural pathways when we learn something new or push our limits. DISRUPTION creates the space for new, and new = access to creative genius you. We need all of your great ideas to help shift the current state. Bring it on Creative Genius.


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