5 Tips to Up Your Creative Genius

1. Biohack Your Diet In this day of paleo, full fat, fast food, or gluten free veganomix, YOU have to decide what’s right for you to eat. period. The days of “Doctor’s Orders” are long gone. To find out the latest biohacking techniques check out the top rated iTunes podcast BulletproofExec.

2.  Get Fit Mental & physical fitness is key if you want to live your best life. Pretend this is your last window to optimize you, and make the most of it!  Walk, run, bike, do something to get yourself back into your body. Include in that new you, Lumosity or some brain games. Research shows you better use it or you’ll lose it. Garbage in, garbage out applies here!

3.  Daydream Often 48% of our time is spent daydreaming. Use your daydreaming wisely! Derail those wasted thoughts of worry or fear. Fantasize that perfect you and perfect life to align your passion with your reality. #YouAreWhatYouThinkYouAre

4.  Ask For Help If your big fat ego thinks you’re the brilliance behind this scenario, think again. If you aren’t meditating yet, there’s no time like this lifetime to get started ;-0 True help comes when you tap into your innate and ever present Inner Guidance.

5.  Disrupt Yourself No matter how fantastic your life is, the S curve applies. Appreciate this moment AND change something in your daily routine so you can meet tomorrow’s challenges with flexibility and openness.

#Fitness #Mental #Physical #Youth


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