A Call for Open Appreciation

Every one of us has talents and skills that are uniquely ours. It might be the way we interact with others, it may be the finesse or detail orientation we bring to our work, or the creative talents we bring to the world.

This week I gave a talk to the ICF Oregon coaches. It was super high energy and people learned the five keys to up your visual thinking and creative genius, and they drew a picture to turn their vision into reality.

Totally awesome experience for me as a facilitator and the participants walked away with a roadmap for their future and some key skills!

ICF Oregon are AWESOME at appreciation

At the end of my presentation, the coaches have a practice of giving feedback to the speaker. People stand up and acknowledge you for what you did.

Wow. AWESOME! (and who knew acknowledgement could feel so awkward!) I walked away with two questions…

1. How in the world do you take in a compliment? What flew into my head was “How in the world can I stand here and let that compliment sink in, in an authentic way?” I just tried to breathe and be as totally present as I could.

2. How amazing is it to acknowledge someone? It allows the circle to be complete, so that the participants get the opportunity to express what their experience has been.

I noted that despite receiving plenty of feedback in my life, this still stretched me – thank you! AND I thought this is a perfect example for why each of us can take time to openly appreciate others.

Each one of us adds our own thread to the fantastic fabric of life. Why not stop and appreciate those around you who are doing big and small things to make this world a better place?

Drawing at ICF Oregon, and enjoying the appreciation!

I’m putting out a call for open appreciation!

1. Notice how what the people in your life makes your world easier.

2. Stop and acknowledge them – in a genuine way – even if they are someone simply holding the door for you

3. Be present when someone gives you acknowledgement – so you “hardwire” their feedback into your consciousness.

Thank you for being a part of the Creative Genius community!

If you know someone who might benefit from reading our blog, please let them know about it!

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