Aligning Yourself With All That You Are

In a recent workshop I attended, participants were asked to identify one thing in their world in which they needed to make a change. I admit I really had to search for something, since I love my work and my life.  It is filled with freedom and adventure.

Your Brain at Work, I discovered one niggling thought way back in the very last row.  While I have been studying the laws of the universe and the spiritual nature of life for over 25 years, I bring a small percent of this into my working sessions.   My process has often been to leverage my WOO (winning other’s over) strength using humor and commentation at the beginning of the session, and then, when it was safe, introduce one or two of these deeper ideas.  I realized here was a great opportunity to bring myself more in alignment with all that I am.

Last week I began opening my sessions by starting from this place of connection, rather than waiting until it was safe.  Mindful of other people’s freedom, I simply began by stating something like, “There is a world cafe concept which says there are no accidents.  That you are the right people, right now, who have come together to discuss and answer these questions.”  I opened another session with a story about Krazy George and the start of the Wave, a story that is both humorous and poignant and illustrates a deeper message.

And??!  By offering the opportunity to connect at a deeper level first, the sessions started from a more honest place.  It was as if this different kind of opening stilled the anxiety that often occurs at the start of the session when participants are wondering if this day is going to go well.  My aha?  Be all that you are! (doh!)

I invite you to reflect on the current state of your life and work.  Ask yourself, “Where can I take a risk and bring more of myself into what I am doing?”  Then jump off that diving board into the pool of something new and up your creative genius.  I look forward to hearing what you find!

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