Appreciate the Little Guy in All of Us

This week I was traveling for a conference and I had to take a cab to the airport. If you don’t travel a lot, you may not know that there’s a current war on between the black car service drivers and taxicab drivers. Companies like Uber have figured out a way to make black car cushy transport easier. I’ve tried it and I realized I prefer riding with the cab drivers because they seem like the little guy in this situation. Many cab drivers are new to our the country and are learning their way around. I want to help.

Cab Drivers vs. Zipcar Services


Then we proceeded to have the GREATEST conversation.  We talked about traffic and how it tests you to see if you’ll do the “right thing” or not.  My driver told me a story about how he wouldn’t let a woman cut into line in front of him and almost got beat him for it (And he was a big guy).I shared about the time someone behind me got so tired of cars cutting into line at the last minute (While the rest of us had been waiting for an hour), that he pulled over into that lane and simply stopped traffic, forcing them to creep along with the rest of us. We laughed and admitted that we’d been those cars cutting in too, sometimes.

Then our conversation went from great to fantastic. He and I began listing all the career paths we had taken and we found that many of the industries we’d worked in overlapped – #business, #healthcare, #art.  We’d walked over so much common ground that we both became giddy appreciating our timely connection. In the last few moments, he turned his mirror so he could look me in the eyes and confided that he felt he had never really been able to reach what he was capable of and didn’t know why. This was soul to soul, sharing truth.

Look for New Partners

DrawYourFuture, and a HUcard fell out of my wallet at the same time. That must have been meant for him too, so I handed it to him as well.  “When you feel down, or worried, sing HU”, I explained, “it’s a sacred word as old as time that will help to remind you that you are a spiritual being, capable of anything you desire.”

We parted ways with a profound appreciation for each other’s gifts and stories, and for that wonderful thread that weaves through everything, connecting us to new friends everywhere, in every moment.

This week take time to appreciate the little guys in your world (that means you too) and honor those interactions as an opportunity for connection. Wherever you go,#lead the charge and give love, be love.

Thanks for reading #creativegeniusyou, Love, Patti

#Connections #LittleGuy #soulsharing


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