Appreciating Motherhood

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and although my mother has passed on to do good work in other realms, I am grateful every day for the things she taught me.

Here are a few tips from my Mom, Lois Hibbs Dobrowolski:

1.  Be generous and kind.

Whether it is with your time, energy, food, money or praise – giving is part of our DNA. It’s an easy thing to do; so send a note, give love, hand out some food – participate in the goodness of life.

2.  Laugh loudly. 

Don’t take yourself so darn seriously. Relax, it’s all-good. Let yourself poke a little fun at your own self.  You are ridiculous, it’s true.

3.  Appreciate diversity.

My mother’s friends came from all walks of life and so when my best friend came out to her at our kitchen table, (paving the way for me ;-) my mother reached over and gave her a hug. “We love you just the way you are,” she said.

Love people. All people. For who they are.

Lois and her tips

4.  Get your hands dirty.

It’s easy to point fingers and blame other people when things don’t go the way you planned. But the best strategy is to get in there and make things better yourself by pitching in.  Someone recently shared a great quote with me from Abraham Lincoln:

“If you are looking for a helping hand, look at the end of your arm.”

5.  Throw a party!

When all else failed, this was one of the craziest strategies my Mom consistently employed. Feeling bored? Sad? Lonely? Stressed? Invite some people over, eat, drink, dance, jump in a pool and serve big bowls of popcorn.

This week appreciate the mothers in your world, whether or not they are yours. Thank them for doing the hard work of birthing babies, and raising kids with their partners. It’s not for the faint of heart. Mothers are the ultimate Creative Geniuses. Thank them.


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