Are you waffling over key decisions? You’re not alone!

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Hello Creative Geniuses,

Gosh things don’t seem to be getting better out there with the spread of stuff. So this is exactly why YOU want to spread your goodness out and reseed the pastures of fear with your amazing products and learnings and key offerings to the world.

I’m not kidding! You might be thinking, “Yes, but how do I do that?!” Well there are a whole slew of things to help you launch your offerings online, and there is no better time than NOW to research what to choose from: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Teams, the list goes on.

And everything has a little something different to offer, so it’s a good idea to first start with what you might be doing online.

Are you just chatting with a group?

What about the hot new house party app?

Are you going to share documents?

Zoom can do that! Do you want to draw on the screen? Zoom again, check!

But other programs, like Teams will let you draw (albeit basic) as well.

The most important things to consider before you invest your time and money is to create an overview of what you think you will be doing and then flesh out the different aspects that would be nice to have.

I’ve added a template for you to use to get yourself started.

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And if you are stuck wondering, “Can I actually do this online?” or “What kind of an online offering will grab people’s attention?” sign up for my Ignite Your Online Business course next Saturday, April 11th!

In that rocking, jam packed, fun and interactive class, you’ll create your own roadmap and map out how to:

  • Nail your niche

  • Peak people’s interest

  • Keep customers engaged

  • Learn about presentation platforms

  • Explore online marketing strategies with help from expert SEO guest Robert Seitzberg, from Float Marketing

No matter your product or service, this will be a fantastic, fun, interactive 3 hours together!

Join me April 11th, 9AM-12PM PST

Ignite Your Online Business

Normally a $497 program, I am offering this during this time for $29.97, that’s a $475 savings!

If you are worried about how to do this, I’m here to help you tap your creative genius and DO THIS!

Remember, be well, stay safe, wash your hands and I love you!


Patti Dobrowolski, Founder of Up Your Creative Genius is a 3 time TEDx speaker, visual thinker and Fortune 100 gamestormer whose illustrations grace the walls of Microsoft, Amazon, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USDA and the Seattle Space Needle.

Two years ago when she felt like change was essential, she added online classes to her offerings. She now has a Draw Your Future ambassador program around the world. As an online presenter she is fun, funny and visual! (So your learnings stick!)


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