Be Curious

Today was amazing. I met and worked with super smart people and they taught me so much about their world. The end of the day came and I thought, “Wow! That day went so fast!  What made that so dang easy?”


The room was curious. The leader had done a magnificent job of inviting the right mix of people, then setting up the groups. We had created a gamestorm for the day and both she and I were dressed in costume and facilitated in-role throughout the day.  We had filled the room with visuals (our set pieces) and awesome brain teasing table toys, but more than anything I think we filled it with anticipation.

They were curious.

We were curious.

The day did not disappoint, as teams they came up with fantastic ideas and honed them down to the best of the best. Then we all had dinner together and we talked about what life is about. Our curiosity made the meal special and our conversation was the dessert.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

We are all curious to see where else we can go from here.

Curiosity is rocket fuel!

Start right now, in this moment to see if you can UP your curious self.

Look at your life. Ask yourself (and the world), “How did this magic of me happen?”

Everything holds something to be curious about.

Find your curiosity and exercise it.


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