Be Your Own American Idol

This year is the first time I have watched American Idol.  I know I am way behind on this – here we are in Season 9,  most of you watched season 1 and moved on long ago. What I find interesting are the great lessons this show actually offers me (and you) each week:

1.  Persevere To get on this show you have to have some belief in your ability and then you have to sit waiting for your chance to audition – sometimes you are #10 chosen out of 10,000.

2.  Be original.

To be able to come back next week whether its on the big or little stage you have to find  and know yourself or else contend with the wrath of someone saying, “The problem with you is you don’t know who you are and you really better figure that out or you won’t be here next week.”

3. Give 110% every performance.   Everyday you get a chance to give everything.  The people we continue to want to work with or watch on this show are the ones who surprise us, who are really “in” it, who make us “feel” something inside.

4.  Be present. Whatever you are in the midst of right now, why not be as fully in it as you can be, so that you get everything you can out of the lessons, emotions, and experience?  When it’s not going good, make sure you learn what you need to so you don’t end up here again, and if it’s great, relish it, knowing that all of it is a cycle.  As I tell myself when I’m training, biking or running fast down or up a hill…”what goes up, must come down.”

5.  Believe in yourself.  Be your own American Idol.

No matter whether America (or your boss, colleagues, or clients) vote for you, you have to believe in yourself and what you are doing.  In the end, you must be your own biggest fan – constantly reminding yourself that what other people say and believe about you is filtered through their lens.  You can listen to advice, and take what aligns with you and your core, but always feel free to leave the rest behind.

I am grateful for everyday I am still able to get up and get on my little stage and do it again.  I am certainly thankful to each one of you that show me something new everytime we meet.  Thank you, oh and  P.S. –  I voted for you!


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