Beat Those Limiting Beliefs, and Step Into YOU

Every moment is an opportunity to stretch into a new you. I’m not suggesting this is easy, but it is what life is about.

How can you step into a bigger room with yourself? It often starts with the tiny feeling that there is more. There is a place with more love, more creativity, more happiness, more acceptance, more abundance. Many of us push that tiny feeling away, or cover it with ‘I love everything. I love my job. I love my world just the way it is.”

There is nothing wrong with that. Loving your life is 100% awesome…but what about that tiny feeling – is it still there?

We often catch ourselves saying things like ‘That’s just how I am” or ‘My whole family is like that”, or “That’s just the way of the world,” but those phrases imply a permanence that doesn’t exist. We weren’t meant to stay the same, our DNA is set up for evolution and that means change.

When we start to sense the internal desire for something different, our limiting beliefs step in to run the show. This is the biggest opportunity for you to shift your beliefs and cultivate new ones that align to the growth you seek.

It’s more than just pushing down the fear and trying to will it away. It’s a daily practice of focusing on the person you are now, loving yourself for all that you are, having compassion for yourself, and allowing yourself to take small steps forward – always forgiving yourself when you fail, because we all fail sometimes.

Today, take one aspect of your life that you feel needs to shift. It might be as simple as how you relate to a co-worker or spouse. Identify the beliefs you have that are not aligned with the you, you want to become, and begin a study of them. Notice what triggers them. And in some quiet moment, imagine yourself recalibrating to align better with the you that you are becoming in every moment.

Keep your focus on the person you are becoming and do the hard work of shifting your beliefs to help you get there. It will take time, but you have plenty of it. You are the most amazing person, and this practice will help you un-peel the onion to reveal a deeper creative genius you.


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