Beating the Heat Through Connection

Summer can be HOT, and the heat can sometimes bring out the wacky in all of us. Traffic notoriously gets kooky, and with all the vacationers, it’s easy to get caught up in the fray of the bad attitudes. Try experimenting with ways to keep calm in the car – carpooling, deep breathing, singing along to upbeat music – anything you can do to stay cool.

When you are feeling stressed and hot around the collar at your job, why not tune in to one of those police lip sync videos?  One po-po team even got the whole city of Seattle to participate! Now THAT’S fostering connection!

Summer is also a fantastic time to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Why not finally meet your neighbors by cleaning up a local vacant lot? Try renting out your home when you go camping to make a little extra money. Organize a pancake block party or tool sharing program. Since more people are outdoors, this is a perfect time to stretch out of your comfort zone to foster alignment and connection wherever you can.

Your creative genius thrives on the new. It loves getting uncomfortable so it can build new neural pathways. Commit to learning and growing during what’s left of this summer, connect yourself to different, and we’ll be right there with you to cheer you on!


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