Believe in YOU

This week I got an email from someone who pulled themselves out of the darkest place ever and chose to live again. They just happened to stumble on that TEDx talk and drew a picture of where they were and where they wanted to be. They put that picture up so they could remember their dreams. They didn’t ever want to go back to that dark place again, and knew without a shadow of a doubt that they would have the things they desired. They drew it, and they could feel it.

There’s no question that this life tests us. It tests our ability to thrive when all hell surrounds us. It tests our desire to better ourselves. It tests our will to live, and to love.

It’s not a world that allows us to be faint of heart. It is a world in which to find your heart, to give your heart, to fill your heart and then let that heart flow out to others.  Breathe love in, breathe love out. Our job is to love ourselves and others through the heartaches, the body-aches, the psyche-aches. Period.

Simply believe in YOU. Believe in your goodness. Believe in your ability to soar above the fray. As one tiny speck in this ginormous universe, you can and you do make a difference. The more you believe in you and your abilities, the faster you discover and step into who you truly are. You are a love machine pumping out that love through your passion, your interests, your everyday interactions.

You and I are connected to everything and everybody. Believe it, #creativegenius, and share your unique genius with the world. Thanks for being here.


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