Birthing the New You Within the Chaos

Email! Text! Snapchat! Facebook! Politics! SQUAWK, SQUAWK, SQUAWK!

This is a time of enormous distractions and churn, wouldn’t you agree?

Distractions are one of the best things to blame when you aren’t goal getting. But this is an old story, and there is a long history of distractions! The alphabet was a distraction in the time of Socrates… printed books were a distraction in the Industrial Revolution – there will always be something to blame for disruption and chaos that contributes to the lack of focus and rigor.

This is WHY it is important to develop your own visual pictures, processes and touchstones to help you STAY FOCUSED. During turmoil is the best time for you to shake out of old patterns and step into the fullness of yourself. If the cycle of history is bound to repeat, many believe that we are about to step into a new Golden Age – and that means YOU!

Often in history, when things seem to be in a state of turmoil, leadership actually comes together to create a break-through in economy, technology, industrial production, etc. When I read the new Golden Age article, I was fascinated by these words, “This age of widening wealth disparity leads to a bubble, which bursts in spectacular fashion, and is followed by a crisis period that Perez calls the ‘turning point.’ This phase of economic and social turbulence has varied in length from two years to 17.”

And that’s just the economic Golden Age – but if we adhere to the theory, “as above, so below,” on some level of our consciousness, that big bubble of old patterns is about to burst and allow for your new creative genius to emerge.

Here’s my challenge to you, to help accelerate the process:

1. Use Post-it Notes to capture any “pattern” you see yourself caught in – good, bad, or other.

2. Post them on a wall in front of you.

3. Give yourself three seconds to grab three patterns that you want to “burst” – quickly pull them off the wall and drop them on the floor.

4. Continue with the ‘grab three as fast as you can’ process until you have three Post-it Notes left on the wall.

5. These are the patterns to remain. Everything left on the floor is an old pattern that you need to change. Stack them on your desk in random order. Each day, choose one to break until you have broken through to the new you.

Get underneath the fray of old patterning TODAY to let your lightest, brightest creative genius emerge. Big love to you!


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