Blow Up Your Old Ways of Thinking

Are you catching yourself in a rut in the way you are thinking about your work, your friends, your life? When you think about your problems, or negative situations, is everything working out exactly as poorly as you expected them to? Hmmmm…

In this new year, I highly recommend you blow up your biased perceptions and old ways of thinking. You can take that in a couple of ways – maybe you explode your old thinking-patterns so you can reform what and who you are, or maybe you make yourself larger-than-life by challenging yourself to take some big risks.

Disrupting how you think about other people, and uncomfortable situations, is a conscious task that requires dedication and practice. How you perceive things informs the way you react to them, and the way you react informs the outcome. The more you expect to trip and stumble on a path, the more you’ll trip and stumble. Your mind will take every opportunity to prove yourself right. Break out of that mold, and reform yourself!

Here’s a visualization method I like to use to blow things up:

Make a list of all your habits, good and bad.  Then choose ONE you want to blow up – either do more of or completely stop doing.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the new state and what it would feel like to be free of this, or have more of that. Really imagine the scene in tiny detail with all the things you might hear or see or feel.

Imagining your ideal state helps open up your brain to new ideas and possibilities. Things that might otherwise have passed you by will begin to enter your frame of focus so you can choose to take advantage of them.

Keep your eyes open and be ready for change! You can use a similar method for problems involving another person:

Think about that person you are having challenges with.  Get very clear on what the problem seems to be – maybe your partner’s annoying habits seem more annoying than usual. Perhaps you have a perception of a co-worker that is based on an interaction you had with them. Close your eyes and imagine that the issue, whatever it is, has been resolved between you. Feel how much lighter you feel, how different it is to see or be with them. Set an intention to experience this shift in your outer world. Then let it go and allow your subconscious to work on it.

Watch for opportunities to shift yourself and your perceptions. Most of the time we fix our consciousness about something or someone and once we set it, the pattern only can repeat itself. But you can rewire yourself, so why not do it?

With the wackiness of 2017, 2018 is a perfect year to do some rewiring.  Make it a better and bigger year for yourself in all ways, so you can bring more of your true creative genius to life.

Happy Blasting!


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