Both Feet In

Have you ever felt yourself dancing around the edge of an experience, watching & waiting to put both feet in?

It can happen with relationships of any kind – clients, partners, friends. It can happen with all manner of experiences. You take the job, enter into the romance, accept the invitation to go, or do, or be, and then for one reason or another, find yourself standing with just one toe in the water. You cancel, stall, hesitate, pretend to be there. Eventually the client asks for more, the friend wonders why, the partner voices disappointment, the experience passes you by.

Where’s the pay-off in serving up a “half-in” effort? You’re going to disappoint people, but more importantly, you’ll never get to feel the power of YOU – your full, unique gifts as they reach out and touch the world. And others won’t get to feel you either.

Each of us has our own challenges that keep us from putting it out there, but boil it all down and what’s usually revealed is Fear – fear of not being enough.

It’s the ongoing conversation that Ego likes to have with us about our flaws. It does it through comparison and procrastination, by building hundreds and thousands of big, small, tiny, and giant tunnels undermining our confidence.

There’s a secret weapon to help you get both feet into that water. Love.

Love yourself, do something nice for that friend, go above-and-beyond for that scope creeping client, love the holy heck out of the experience, no matter how painful it is, how long it drags out, how weird it feels, how unclear the path ahead may be.

Love does this miraculous thing to your body’s chemistry. It clears away your resistance, and fuels your imagination. It supports you from behind and beckons you from ahead. It builds you up and allows you to trust yourself and jump whole-heartedly into that water.

When somebody asks you to list out all the things you love, make sure YOU are at the top of that list, beacause you are a crazy, loving, wonderful, intelligent, kind, charismatic, fun, worthy, and beautiful Creative Genius.

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