Breaking Your Fall

Summer is winding down and there’s no better time to bust into a new groove whether your circadian clock ticks to the rhythm of the school bells or not.

5 Tips to Help You Break Your Fall

  1. Start running or just walking faster than you normally do. People who walk even a little faster than normal pace get a better ROI. Heart rate, weight management, increased serotonin, impact to gain more bone density, all this PLUS the benefit of a trading in an old habit for a new one.

  2. Pay it forward. At our house we are always daydreaming about fun places and people to go visit. One of my EU colleagues asked if we had a recommendation for places his son and daughter in law could stay when they came through Portland. DOH. Our house of course! (See you in Germany next year ;-)

  3. Read something new. My neighbor S.J. came home with a summer reading camp shirt. You can earn one too, even in the fall. If you don’t already get Brain Pickings in your Sunday email box, I highly recommend this. Hosted by awesome writer Maria Popova, you will be pleasantly surprised by her reading suggestions both past and present.Here’s what she got me reading this summer:

  1. Prune your space. Fall is a notorious season to prune back those unruly plants. Why not prune parts of your space that have grown into their own unruliness? Your closet, your workspace, your art supply closet (hint.hint.) Donate your excess stuff to a local women’s shelter, your canned goods to a food bank, that bike to a bike give-away program. Take a pruning shear to you, too – brows, hair, attitude. Trim back your judgment or bad attitude. Prune.

  2. Pick a new show, movie, or online series to watch. My new favorite is Rita, It’s a Danish show about a school teacher. Some friends turned me on to it when I was in Colorado. Check it out. Hilarious and real. = dangerous combo.

Fall. It’s impending. How about feeling the fall fully and breaking it by shifting a few patterns? It’s certain to be rainy, blustery, windy and snowy soon, but the summer season’s end deserves a celebratory shift in you and your world. Let us know what shiftiness you’re up to!

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