Bring the Real YOU

Have you ever had that situation where someone was asking you to be your authentic self but you ended up feeling like you were playing a shell game trying to find your real self?

With all this talk about gratitude and being grateful, we have to be careful not to turn gratitude into a platitude. Like starting your leadership call by asking people to share what they are grateful for. Really?

Spontaneous gratitude is AWESOME because it comes from the heart. But requiring others to “feel” something and then share it publicly, seems like a slippery slope to me. It makes it hard to bring the real stuff out and sometimes we err on the side of being inauthentic.

How do we truly bring our real selves to every moment? Recently I was giving a talk and I misunderstood someone and what they were contributing to the big map at the front of the room.  It was hilarious how I had misinterpreted what the woman had said. And I was using what I thought she said, as a “teaching moment”, which in itself is a ridiculous thing to do when it smacks of “I know what you should be doing.”

Not only did not hear what she said correctly, I totally embarrassed myself by giving unwarranted advice towards that misinterpreted comment. LOL! Fortunately the audience was able to join me in having a good laugh about it.

No matter where you go, there you are. In that moment I thought, wow that’s what it means to bring the true you. Oh yah. You can’t escape the humor in your humanity, it’s the beauty that keeps us from getting all puffed up with ego.

This week, join me in bringing yourself. Even if they ask you to do something that rubs you the wrong way, even if you do something mortifying. Find a way to track the real you by stopping what you are doing and taking a moment to come forward and be present to what really is happening inside.

Look at the sky. Look at your team.  Listen to your breath. Look for the clues inside to find what is really happening, not what your brain has interpreted as truth. Drop into the real you. Then pull it on through.

If you haven’t watched it yet, this week’s tip of the week was amazing. These guys at an oilcan service station stepped up to be in that 20 second video. Be sure to watch and love them. That’s really what they thought about that billboard. Aren’t they awesome?

You are too. Show me. Bring it on in your own way and at your own time.  #AWESOMEAUTHENTICYOU


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