Bring the Real YOU to the Party

I love holiday parties! I love meeting new people. I can just see some of you on the other end of this note cringing. Yuk. Sometimes it’s not easy to go to holiday parties; you worry about your outfits, you wonder if you should bring a gift and then there is the meeting of new people.

Why don’t we enjoy holiday parties? Well most of the time we think about what will make us “fit in” and “look good” to others. Ego rules the night.

Or we wonder what we’ll talk about. Often the conversations are shallow and stay on the surface. It feels wasteful and stupid, don’t you think? But the dance of meeting new people is just that, a dance.

Here’s some fly moves for you to try in the weeks to come:

QUEEN or KING for the night.

Make the person you are talking to feel like they are the most interesting, the smartest, the funniest person alive. Not in a fake way. Be genuinely curious about them, their lives, find out how did they get here? What did they do that made them who they are today? Don’t settle for surface conversations, ask real questions as if you are talking to someone who has or will change the world. (PS this doesn’t work if they are drunk. It’s also not to be confused with flirting, although if you’re single that can also lead to a very fun night…)

Be like Nancy Drew.

Challenge yourself to remember everything about the party, notice the house, or room, the kinds of food you ate, what people were wearing. Test your ability to remember everyone’s names by linking each of them to a story or cartoon character. Keep focused and alert, but not so much so that you start lifting table cloths and peering into flower pots.


Stop trying to puff up your job, career or yourself. Just relax and when someone asks you a question, answer it simply, don’t go into so much detail that their hair flies back. Just be you and love you. It’s the holidays. Go with it.

Take Care. Be Kind. Be Open. Say Yes.

Pretend it’s your last day on earth. Act with conscious intention and stay awake through each moment. They are precious and so are you.

Happy Holidays from ALL OF US at Up Your Creative Genius

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