Bring the Truth to Light

Many of us are watching the truth telling that has been sweeping the country about men who have taken advantage of their power over women. You may be wondering why this is all happening now, during a time of such uncertainty in our political system. It’s moments like this where the turmoil creates a crack through which other kinds of change can occur. The veil of secrecy that many women have lived with is slowly being pulled back as one after another, women are coming forward with the truth  Like with most tipping points, these moments can create profound change in the world.

We are just seeing the beginning of the ripple it will make in our story as a people. I am proud of the women who are brave enough to step forward. What most of us have known for years, is that you simply have to turn to the woman sitting next to you, anywhere in the world, to hear a story of harassment or abuse. While watching men being held accountable for their actions, like District 12 in the Hunger Games, we raise a silent, but powerful three fingered salute in solidarity.

It’s a great turning point for us in the human evolution to hold even the most powerful among us accountable. Positions of power have played a huge role in keeping the silence in so many chapters of our history.  On an even bigger level, we are at a turning point in our consciousness, that of stepping up to recognize every voice matters. One can only hope that truth telling will be woven into the fabric of our future.  But truth telling requires deep courage and it requires action and accountability on all sides.

Take this turning point to heart and find a way to bring honesty into your interactions with others.  Speak out about what you see happening around you, whether you are man or woman, adult or child. We owe it to ourselves to help each other become better humans, spreading and giving love and providing safety for all.

This week, listen deeply to others, and ask the hard questions, or tell the hard truths. There is no other moment than this one right now, take advantage of it, creative genius.


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