Bring your 500% To The New Year

When my partner Julie and I were first together, we lived in Denver and she was between jobs. She had been job hunting for awhile and was feeling disparaging about herself and her ability to ever get one. In my mind, she was (and is) a truly fantastic leadership and talent development expert, so I couldn’t go down that slippery slope with her.  I was leaving on a business trip to work in Slovakia, but before I left I said to her, “I see you as 500% more than what you can see in yourself right now. If you could see yourself from that 500% bigger person that you really are, why not look for a job from that perspective?”

The second night in Slovakia, my cell phone rang.  It was Julie, she was over the top with excitement, “You said 500%, right?” Cool! I responded, “Where did you get a job?”  “Seattle!” she shouted.  I thought, Seattle?  Now how did your 500% suddenly become my 500%?!

That job brought us to this great city. Here we have had one adventure after another. We’ve worked with amazing companies, met new friends, expanded our abilities to serve and be served by life. Her 500% took me to my 500% as well and I can’t thank her enough!

Why not bring your 500% to 2013? Ask yourself, if I were being 500% of the person I see myself to be, what would I be doing right now?

Then, get going.  Take a moment to draw a simple picture of that new you.  If you have forgotten the power of the visual, review my 8 minute TEDx talk.  Then take a few small bites of that elephant to get yourself started living that “500% you”, today. Make giving go viral. This is my theme for 2013.  I had a fantastic 2012 and this year, in addition to my regular paid speaking and client work, I’ll be giving back.  If you know of an organization or company who needs a kick start, please send them my way.

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