Bringing Your 200% to Everything You Do

The other day someone sitting next to me in a café opened a can of seltzer and in exasperation literally shouted, “Look! There is only half a can of drink in here!” This I had to see, so I asked to look inside and sure enough only one half of the can was liquid, the rest had been filled with compressed air.

Ever feel like that is what you are getting – a lot of big air?  Wow!

When I look at any kind of news or online advertising, so many people seem to be spouting out some kind of rhetoric or posing about their grandeur. It makes it hard to know who’s really got the goods and who is just a can of hot air?  It’s a very interesting time in history, wouldn’t you agree?

And it can feel very frustrating.

I have found that the only way to counter this trend is for me to show up and deliver the very best of myself wherever I am. It is not always easy, but when I do, it taps that internal success button in my brain, so that no matter what’s happening, I still feel that I am aligning what I do to love.

Part of the way we are wired is to stay engaged with others and we do that by connecting with each other in big and small ways, despite the state of the world around us.

There is no better time than now to show up and deliver your very best.  People are longing for your 200% self, because there is so much <50% delivery going around.  When you go to work with your team or clients, put your full heart into it. When you are helping your kids get ready for school, show them you love them by listening to them. When you are out in the world, shopping or filling up for gas, or getting on a plane for your work or vacation – make sure you thank the people you that surround or provide service to you.

When you elevate your game and bring all of your best self to each moment you are in, people notice, and they begin to mirror your behavior. Your good vibe, to use an old school word, is spreadable like butter across the many encounters you may have in any given day. When you make each day a 200% one, without thought of reward or acknowledgement, you step into alignment with your own higher purpose – and bring Creative Genius You to the world.

Let’s make it a 200% day together.

Big love,



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