Build the Bridge to New Ideas for People to Walk Across

Tired of people telling you what’s best for you without ever asking what you think you need? After reading Nancy Duarte’s book Resonate, I readjusted my approach.  I started wondering what other people wanted to hear and needed to know about visual goal setting.  Then I began to ask them and here’s what they said…

“What if I can’t draw?”

“What does goal setting with a picture actually do?”

“Will the image help when I start feeling apathetic?”

When you want to make powerful change, you have to be willing to try something new.  The new things you try make your brain work better, reprogram it, forge new “neural pathways.” Try it, try driving home a different way, try singing out loud when a song you know comes on the speakers in the grocery store.  Shock yourself.  Change yourself.

Do something new.  Draw a picture of where you are and where you want to be and fill in the gap, that bridge to your beautiful dreamy picture.  Affix it to your mind, your heart and the dash of your car. Then drive yourself to it.

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