Build the Country You Want to Live In      

Now is a better time than ever to get involved and create the world you want to live in.

We can bemoan the changes and question authority – but I’ve been doing that since I was 18, and the bemoaning part didn’t get me anywhere except a quick ride down the slippery slope to victimhood. What helped me was to get involved, to march, to serve, and to spread love everywhere I could. I admit the “spread love” part took me a while, and I’m still working on that when I’m stuck in traffic. ;) Let’s work on it together, creative geniuses.

Yesterday was Independence Day in the USA. To me that means celebrating the things that have brought freedom to this country. My father came from an immigrant family. His mother and father arrived on the shores of NYC and moved to the poorest part of Chicago shortly afterwards. My grandfather, homesick for Poland, abandoned his wife and her two sons (my father and uncle) two years after they had arrived. My grandmother worked as a seamstress to raise her two boys and eventually moved them to Washington state. My grandfather’s entire village was burned during WWII. Not a trace of him or his parents remain.

It’s easy to forget where we came from. But in the United States, the 4th of July is a holiday to celebrate our freedom, and I hope you spent the day with friends and family to remember the deep bond of love we all share. Every moment is an opportunity for connection, belief, love, and service. Quiet the chatter in your mind, and step into the shoes you were always meant to fill – the shoes of your mother, your grandmother, your great great great (back into the days of Atlantis and before) grandmother.

The time is now – not to fret, but to act. Act kindly, act well, remind yourself and others that this too shall pass, but only when we choose to do something together. We are in this world but not of it, so let’s work together to use our Creative Genius to let freedom ring.


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