C is for Community

Community is us. It’s the we in the you and I. It’s the place we connect to share ideas and explore new vistas together.  We make change here.  We bond here. It can happen in a crowd of strangers. It can happen while we watch a broadcast on TV. It can happen when we share our vision of the future.

Community shapes us and our thinking, it lifts our dreaming. Community is our neighborhood. It’s our officemates. It’s our sports team. It can be our city, state or country.

When we are at our best (and our worst), community includes the entire world. When we are low, we reach out to our community of friends and family for support. When we are successful, it’s our community that helps us celebrate!

We expand our community online through social:  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Instagram. We build community when we share and offer advice, ideas and solutions.

Since the TEDx video Draw Your Future launched in 2011, we have been receiving stories and drawings from people all around the world.

Finally we are proud to announce the launch of a new website for our community of CreativeGeniusYOU visual goal setters:


It’s easy to join! Just dig up that drawing you made of your future state, it doesn’t matter how long ago you drew it.  Go to the blastoff.today site and upload your image and tell us your story. What went great?  What fell off the table?  What helped you succeed in your goals?

Look at other peoples’ maps and write them a note of encouragement or a question. Thousands of of people have watched that talk; many of whom have drawn their future into a picture.

Share yours. Hold that mantle of CreativeGeniusYOU and let your light shine!

You are part of a new community!



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