Capitalize on the Eclipse

Looks like we have a couple of amazing eclipses happening in this upcoming month. If you live in eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia, you’ll have great seats for the partial lunar eclipse on August 7th. And if you’re one of the lucky few in US towns in the narrow path of the total solar eclipse on August 21st, you’ll get to experience a total blackout of the sun. The rest of the United States as well as northern South America, western Europe, and Africa can witness a partial eclipse on that day.

What does that mean for us?  Well I did a little research on what it might mean and it looks like it’s a fantastic time for all of us to create some change and be open to new ideas.

“Eclipses will help you create a new agenda, and bring in new influences, and the ones that are coming in August will help you see yourself in a new light,” writes Susan Miller. Astrology enthusiast or not, why pass up an opportunity to make positive change in your life? We can’t let the New Year have all the fun.

What part of your world might you look at with a fresh eye?  Summer is about down time, relaxation, and refreshing your perspective. Here are four questions to take with you to the beach. Lay in the sun with your eyes closed, and ponder them:

1.  Are you living in alignment with your highest self?

Think about what this means to you and what you can do to understand and know more about this part of you and your purpose on the planet. Maybe your purpose is just to exist and enjoy life — are you living true to that? Maybe your purpose is to give and receive as much love as possible — are you in alignment with that? Be honest with yourself.

2.  Is there any area of what you are doing that needs a refresh?

When we repeat the same patterns in how we do or approach our work or ways of relating to our peers or loved ones, we routinize our responses. Maybe it’s time to shake it up a bit and try some new and ridiculous approaches just to shift our perspective.

3.  What old beliefs and attitudes are you hanging onto that you can wash off in the surf or pool water?

Those beliefs got formed before the age of 15 and I share in my TEDxBend talk, Creative Genius: You how important it is to go in there and change your mind.

Take a look at what you say to yourself and see if you can’t work to remove it in contemplation or meditation and replace it with some new beliefs about yourself.

Examples of old beliefs could be things like: I’m not athletic; I’m not creative; I’m a blunt person; I always get walked all over; I find it hard to communicate. Replace these stale ideas, with new beliefs that promote growth: When I work at it, I am athletic; I am creative, and if I work on skill building, I’ll find it easier to channel that creativity; I can be blunt sometimes, but I’m not a blunt person; I am a strong, independent person and I deserve the things I want; I have the skills and abilities to communicate effectively.

4. How can you make change, while being compassionate towards #CreativeGeniusYOU?

Identifying areas that need work doesn’t mean beating yourself up about them. Love yourself, recognize the things you want to work on, love yourself some more, replace old attitudes, love yourself, make change, love yourself etc.

It’s a great time to really relax and reflect.  Take advantage of the eclipses that are happening to reboot your #CreativeGenius self so you come back to your world filled with new ideas and openness to what’s next.

Big summer love to you!


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