Cast a Wide Net

Often when we are forced into a change, like losing your job, or a relationship abruptly ending, or someone we know passing on, our world can feel very, very small. We recede into our fear and wonder what our next step could possibly be.

Whenever the brain undergoes too much change to its system, the black-out shades slam down. From this dark, uncertain state, we lose the ability to feel connected, to see beyond our world, to brainstorm new ideas or problem solve. We feel helpless and hopeless.

This temporary paralysis can be relieved by shifting our focus outside of ourselves to either something or someone else. But how to begin?

When the net has closed tight around you, try this –

Imagine yourself stepping out of the net and casting it as far and as wide as you can. The net is there to catch you and cocoon you, but sometimes you need to shake it off and use it to catch something else.

Asking for light when things seem darkest is a difficult but necessary thing to do, and it requires practice. We need to practice stepping out of that net and casting it wide to see what it might catch. If you are used to certain work patterns, cast your net to pull in new books, magazines, people you never thought to speak to before. Always eat the same diet? Cast your net to that food truck you swore you’d NEVER eat at, or that vegetable you’re convinced is totally inedible.

Cast your net with your gratitude. When you find yourself irritated during your day by something or someone, cast your net to capture love and swing it around the room to fill the air with new energy and life.

When I was a Brownie scout, my motto was “Be Prepared.” Why not take that motto into your world, expand your net of comfort and step into a place filled with flexibility?

As the world speeds up, your ability to shift and change, to flex and bend, to cast your net wide and far will keep you on your Creative Genius path, and help pull you out of those dark places.

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