Celebrate Independence

Happy Independence Day USA! What does independence mean, no matter what country you are from?

The independence we benefit from today was hard won by our ancestors and maintained today by our service people.Thank you! But are you and I really exercising that freedom?

Do you encourage yourself and those around you to test new ideas that unlock their potential? Or do you find yourself making routine choices or using old thought patterns to drive your behavior?

This month consciously work to expand beyond the known and take advantage of your independence. Here are a few ideas for how you to try:

Rewire your brain. You have heard that pushing yourself harder during weight training, yoga, meditation, or breathing will rewire your brain and increase your capability in that area. Try it. Really breathe deeply. Try sprinting or add an additional weight to that bar. Do something new everyday and disrupt your current norm.

Empower your team. Go out of your way to acknowledge the potential in your peers or your family. Give your team added flexibility and autonomy to do their work. Reward failure.

Eat differently. Step out of your comfort zone in what you eat.

Serve and support others. Recently someone gave me the book, The Power of Appreciation (thank you Adele!). Shift your mindset to start appreciating everything and everyone – even that driver on the road. Watch how the world shifts to match your new view.

Exercise your independence and use your innate imagination to help you do it. Step up, dream that dream of yours, then embrace your uniqueness and speak your truth. There is only one you and the world is waiting to hear from you.

It’s independence day and time to take advantage of the freedom that you have!

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