Celebrate Like It’s Your Birthday!

Every day is an amazing one when you are able to get out of bed!

Then envision it as if it were already taking place, right now. Nicolai Tesla, at the start of his day, would write in his journal about the day he was about to step into as if it had already occurred. He noted the great response to his ideas, the amazing breakthroughs he had in his experiments. Can you appreciate how forward thinking he was? Why not try his technique right now?

For example, you might write, “I had an amazing interview, they loved and valued my expertise!  Or, “I got three calls for new client work – where they gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted with their team!” or, “I met the sweetest person on the train home, I am going to ask them out on a date!”

You are the epicenter of your experience. Make every moment count! The greatest thing is that we wake up every day – until we don’t! So, use your days wisely – spread love like you did without inhibition from the moment you were born. And let that creative genius spill out into everything you touch.

Thank you for reading and happy birthday!


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