Celebrate to Recalibrate Your Brain

We’ve been running a beta version of our five-day challenge which will start in January and today is our day to celebrate our success. Why is celebration so important? When we achieve something and stop to call it out, it hits an internal success button in our brain which sends a dopamine rush into our system. The brain then sends a signal to lock in that memory by highlighting it in our hippocampus as an activity we loved doing.

What most of us don’t realize is that we can trick our brain by celebrating little things and calling them out, so we want to do them more often. It can be as simple as a fist bump or a “Yay You!” Suddenly your brain is wide awake and ready to do that again. When you celebrate, endorphins are released inside your body and you feel incredible.

Everyone’s idea of good celebration is different, so when you are hosting holiday parties and or team events, you want to consider other people’s preferences and ask them “How would you like to celebrate this event.” Giving others the opportunity to give input will help you find something unique and memorable that helps everyone or the majority of the team, feel truly appreciated and valued.

As an illustrator I have sat through hundreds of team celebrations and stage call outs to acknowledge others. Often people simply check out “I’m not getting that award, why should I listen?” and then in seconds they are on their phone scrolling their FB feed.

Why not take a moment to invite everyone to think about something they did this year that made a difference – it might be personal- like caring for an elder parent, or it might be in the workplace – like listening to a co-worker and helping them through something. Help them to lock it in by remembering that feeling of giving and service and then invite them to cheer themselves for that – collectively.

Today is Friday, it’s a perfect day to celebrate what you did this week. Here are a couple of ideas from an article I read in INC magazine. As Bill Carmody writes, “Celebrating your wins not only feels great physically, it also reinforces the positive attitude and behavior you want to have show up when you face a new challenge or opportunity.”

Find your unique way to celebrate – strike a superhero pose or raise a cup of coffee in celebration. Create a memory book for an employee or simple just yell out, “Woot! Woot!

I believe in your success and I’m going to take today to celebrate you! Thanks for being part of this amazing Creative Genius Tribe!

P.S.We have a ton of fun t-shirts over here in our Creative Genius living room to help someone in your life celebrate their creativity


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