Charging Your Connections

I read an interesting study recently about a factor that contribute to our sense of belonging: people.

I know, I know. You’re like “Duh.” And yes, we’ve known for a long time that our social circles influence our happiness and sense of belonging massively, but this wasn’t talking about friends and family. It wasn’t even talking about colleagues and teammates.

It was talking about that fleeting “Hello” when you pass a distant neighbor, and that “Have a nice day” at your local store. It was talking about the vacation stories you swap with your hairdresser, or the smile you give your regular barista. Turns out, all those seemingly superficial relationships can be really important. Together, they contribute to our shared sense of community, and a strong sense of belonging. Barista Joan won’t come in the middle of the night and help you out of a pickle, but her smile of recognition in the mornings is a comfortable reminder that you belong here.

So this Holiday Season, don’t take those superficial relationships for granted. Give your barista an extra tip, help your grocer pack the bags, give that distant neighbor an extra big smile and a wave. Charge those connections and set your intention on building your community in 2017.

You belong here, #CreativeGeniusYOU.


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