Clean Out the Closet

Summer is a great time of year to take the time to repurpose, reuse, recycle and make way for the new.  I’m not just talking about your physical stuff, I’m talking about the mental stuff too – those old beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back.

For example, maybe you grew up with scarcity, and are still holding on to a deprivation mindset. It likes to rear its ugly head when you least expect it. It contributes to you holding onto things long past their prime, and sometimes still has you operating in ’emergency mode’.

Maybe you are holding onto some eating or exercise habits that are no longer serving you. This is often one of the hardest things to shift, so you need to be creative to trick yourself into a new mindset.  Guilt is not a trick that works for me. I find it’s better to set a goal and then draw a picture (big surprise) and then take action on it. I set a goal to ride the Courage Classic recently and trust me it was tough! Nonetheless, HUGE thanks to those of you who contributed to it on my behalf.

There are so many things you can let loose – rigidity in how you view the world or your neighbors, accumulation, mindless FB/Snapchat surfing. All of these behaviors are changeable and so this week, take a look at what you have going in your world and see if you can clean out the closet and get rid of the cobwebs. Clearing that space will help you focus on and make room for the new Creative Genius adventures that are coming your way.


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