Collaborate to Rocket Your Skills

This week a bunch of graphic recorders and I did some work for Sunni Brown, who if you don’t know her, is amazing and wrote some stellar books including Doodle Revolution.

We were the Sunni Brown team, and each of us dropped our individual brands and banded together under hers. It was SO MUCH FUN! Each of the graphic recorders were highly skilled, so it was a rare opportunity to look at other peoples’ work and learn some new things – for example, I learned about a super cool digital drawing app called  Work Visual.

Originally, we were going to have to create 6 different charts each – one for each of the sessions that repeated 6 times in the room we were assigned to. But at the last minute, it was decided that we should do a compilation of the 6 sessions into one 4’x8’ map.  For prolific recorders, this was super intimidating, but each of us reviewed our respective slide decks and came up with an individualized plan. Over dinner the night before, we gave each other ideas and shared tips and techniques for drawing as well as lettering – everyone had some calligraphy skills, uh except me = awesome and intimidating.

The charts were amazing! Everyone’s unique style emerged, and the supportive environment was alive with energy!  It’s a rare thing to get to collaborate with your peers; you’re driven to dig deep into your Creative Genius, learn new things and up your game.

This week take some time to connect and collaborate with your peers.  If you aren’t working directly with them, why not give them a call and…

  1. Ask them what they are up to and if there’s anything interesting they’ve tried/learned lately.

  2. Invite them to give you feedback on a project you are working on…then be sure to share your success with them later and offer to give them feedback on something of theirs.

  3. Celebrate their greatness by appreciating all they bring to their work – be specific – people love and need to hear good feedback.

Collaboration is a great way to have fun, share insights and elevate your creativity. Enjoy and appreciate your collaborators ❤


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