Come Out Meditators

I went to the Wisdom 2.0 conference and I was blown out of the water by Arianna Huffington. Her opening line was, “Business people all over the world are coming out. Not as being gay, that’s so yesterday, but as being meditators.”  LOL! But it’s true isn’t it?  People who never talked about spirituality are bringing up the idea of past lives, or amazing spiritual experiences they are having.

Come Out, Meditators

This past week I saw so many cool speakers and one of them I have to give a big shout out about.

His name is Kevin Carroll and his company is Katalyst.  His story will break your heart and then heal it up again and inspire you to stay motivated into your greatness.  Follow him, find him, hire him – Nike did for 7 years and he is on his own now speaking around the world. His message is about the power of play. “You can find out more about a person in 1 hour of play than in a year of conversation.”  How true it is.

Big shout out to all of the people from the TCI Learning Lab  program who I drew for this past weekend – all of you are so committed to innovation. Thank you so much for changing the face of education at the community college level. You’re amazing.

Tomorrow I will be illustrating for the Disrupt Education think tank at Pepperdine, so stay tuned to see what they are up to. Orchestrated by none other than Frank Fitzpatrick – check him out.

Shameless Promotion in the Braggatorium Read this awesome blog post and win a free copy of Drawing Solutions – by Monica Bourgeau from She’s a really great blogger, btw, who falls into our category of awakening soul messages.

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