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Yesterday I was speaking at CultivateEvent in Appleton, WI. I learned about some amazing things happening in the midwest corridor. All of the wonderful things I heard about – some of which I share below – were a result of the community coming together to find a way to make positive change, and improve their town.

One of the Creative Genius’ I met was Greg Tehven from Fargo. He came down to share his insights from starting TEDxFargo which stimulated ideas that led to community changes. Ideas like midnight brunch, and turning scary alleyways in fun, artsy, family-friendly environment led to the revitalization of those areas.

People came out of the woodwork to participate without wanting credit (aka selling you on their coolness) just because. Together, the made some amazing community experiences that everybody benefitted from. Here are a few of his tips in the map I drew of his talk.

Another great group of people I met was The Fox Cities community who have their own Fox Den that secretly set up events and experiences to foster and support weird, arty and youthful engagement.

One of the leaders is Corey Chisel who started Mile of Music where local bands perform in unusual places downtown, bringing new customers to many stores. He married that with music education so, guess what, the community were singing and playing too!

They have grown from an initial 13 bands to over 200, including some big name acts that come to Fox Valley to be a part of this awesomeness.

These are just a couple of the awesome things people are doing, What kind of awesomeness can you stir up in your town? No reason to leave the place you love to go to a big city where culture already is. Why not make your mark in your own community?

As Greg would say,

Be a go-giver versus a go-getter

I love that!


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