Covid-19 Interrupt Your Routine?

Did the Covid-19 Pandemic interrupt your routine?

I’m in Texas now and my exercise schedule is completely thrown off so I decided to get outside and do some exercise today. I got out on my bike, pointed it in one direction and started pedalling.

I pedaled for so long that after making a few twists and turns, I realized I didn’t know where I was anymore. It felt good to be outside riding my bike in uncharted territory. The further I pedalled the further from home I got, but it was all the big houses on the side of the road that I was passing that kept me calm even though I was lost without a GPS.

I knew in each one of those houses was a family. All of those beautiful homes, some of the most fantastic places ever with huge plots of land and horses and trees, made me feel safe because I knew there would be a grocery store or gas station close by. If I could just get to that gas station, I could re-orient myself again and find my way home.

Have you lost your GPS in life? Maybe this is how you feel about your business or career now. You are saying to yourself,

“Where am I? What is going on?”

I gotta tell you, sometimes you just have to get out there on your bike or on foot to explore the world, and the same is true for your business and career.

That’s why you have to join me for my “Conquer Covid-19 It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint 5 Day Challenge.” We’re going to get you used to the new normal and help you face everything that comes your way. We’re going to recalibrate your GPS to the new Covid-19 environment, and get you past those potholes and closures in the road just ahead of you.

Click Here to Sign Up

It will be the best 5 days you spent this year so far, I promise.

We need to get a hold of this pandemic change and make sure we land on top.

Clean hands, full hearts, can’t lose,



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