Creative Genius You Series

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Have you noticed that our culture loves to applaud and reward creative genius? Once you’ve been elevated to creative genius status you join this elite group that is showered with awards, money and respect. From a distance it looks like the ability to create is reserved for a privileged few, and unattainable for the rest of us.

Well, you can bet I have a different opinion!

In this Creative Genius You series, I will lay out a simple formula that anyone can use to access their own unique genius and creativity. I call it the Creative Genius Equation© and it combines exploration, visual imagery, dreaming your future, and so much more.

Over the next year, I’m going to help you open up the flow of your own Creative Genius to achieve breakthrough life changes.  I’ll be sharing inspiring “you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up” stories from my goal setting sessions I’ve done around the world. So get ready, this series will help you unlock your creativity and potentially rock your world!

Now growing up, believe it or not, I loved math equations. I did so well in my high school math classes that my advisor suggested I go into an accelerated pre-calculus class. “Wow! That would be cool!” I thought.

I arrived though and found the teacher with his belt cinched above his expanding belly in the most distracting manner, and explaining abstract concepts in the most boring way possible. He wasn’t doing a gut check to see if anyone, especially me, could follow him. I really did my best to tackle these strange theories and the problems I was asked to solve. “I was a math genius, right?” I even asked my father for help, but he was as mystified as I was. In the end I limped through the class, fantasizing about anything but math in the back of the room, and somehow managed to get a passing grade.

Knowing what I know now, it was a total drag that my teacher lacked the creativity to use simple pictures to illustrate math concepts. I am also bummed that I gave up on being a math genius because I believed that I was the problem.

As the saying goes, when one door closes another opens, and so I took up acting and theater. Here I found a niche that gave me a chance to express my natural talent for acting (and acting up) at the same time as it fed a real need I had in my life. A need that was born out of my frustration in that calculus class in high school.

When I saw a live illustrator envisioning changes a team wanted to make, it clicked that using a picture allowed you to express abstract ideas or even dreams in a way that didn’t leave anyone behind, and that brought out the creative best in everyone!

Over the years I have proven time and again that this is possible. And so I dedicate this series to Phil Shepherd, one of my earliest collaborators, who shared my fascination with the intersection of imagination, metaphysics and reality. We both worked in the corporate sector when we began noodling an equation to help people create change, solve problems or set goals aligned with their life purpose. When Phil retired, I kept expanding our idea. I realized after I published my first book, Drawing Solutions, that within the Draw Your Future process I created, there was a distinct formula that accelerated problem-solving and goal achievement.

The Creative Genius Equation is easy to use, and intuitive. In fact, you are already unconsciously using it every time you set a goal and work to achieve it. By using the tools that I’ll describe in my Creative Genius You series, you’ll bring the process fully into your awareness so that it becomes a reliable way to access your innate creativity and ultimately, your dreams.

So look for my blog posts and videos every Thursday and let’s Up Your Creative Genius together!


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