Creative Thanks Giving

Gratitude is one of the illuminators of the universe. It keeps your heart open, brightens yours (and someone else’s) day, and helps your brain, in it’s cataloguing of all that you say, see, hear and do, better understand what you are thankful for.


Hardwiring Happiness, Rick writes extensively about how you can help your brain switch from its “Oh no, NOW we’re in trouble!” default mechanism, to the “Okay now we get to handle this new creative challenge!” (sound of trumpets) mindset when facing challenges.  One of the ways he suggests to help yourself hardwire more happiness into your neural network, is to notice when you are having a good experience or feeling, and truly let yourself “have it” – soak it in for 20-30 seconds. The experience of having “goodness” will help you, when you come up against the tough stuff, remember and recall that you are capable, confident, loved, beautiful…and all the other things you and I tend to forget when we feel stressed OUT.One habit I have been practicing is to be grateful FIRST, then get on with ideating how to solve the predicament I find myself in.  Try it.  When they cut you off in the parking lot, say OUT LOUD (and work your way up to saying it without sarcasm) “Thank you!”  Or, when your partner forgets to…(fill in the blank), before you get all steamy(and not in a good way), say “thank you!”

Honestly, you and I, we have no idea why certain things happen in the order that they do, so why get mad about it and continue to resist what IS happening?

Let it go.  Give it up to the universe.  Throw your hands in the air and give thanks. You and I – we are still alive!  We still have a beating heart to give thanks with! Find the way that is right for you to give thanks to those around you, in this moment.

Happy Thanks Giving to you and yours – whoever and wherever you are. I give thanks to those of you whom I met at a conference, on the airplane, in the grocery store, on the street, on the phone, on twitter, FB or maybe I accidentally didn’t see you at all, belated thanks for being here and thanks for being you. You make the world diverse, interesting, loving and challenging. All good. Take care in this holiday season…and

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