Creative Trickster YOU

It’s 2016.

I like the sound of that number, don’t you?

I made a little list of new year’s resolutions, well you know me I actually drew them out – or a more accurate thing to say is I wrote the numbers in a cool way and dropped a few pictures into the list so I would go back and look at them over and over and over…(and over)

Creative Trickster YOU

If you did set some goals or resolutions, how do you keep them alive?

Elizabeth Gilbert writes something about using the trickster to keep herself writing. I confess I haven’t gotten to that part in her book Big Magic but my friend Beth told me about it, so I am just stealing the idea right here and now.

Let’s let the trickster help us!

I decided there is NO WAY I could take an action on every goal, every day. That seemed too boring and routinous for me. (Is that even a word?)

SO I tricked myself into doing something more fun! Want to try this with me?

Write or draw out your goals and then, when you are meandering about in your day, pretend you are in a dream. That’s right. Suddenly you can do and be anything you want.


Okay how do I work towards that goal? Well first I asked myself what it means – I define it.  For me, it means eat well, exercise, take supplements, make myself bulletproof against all the junk in the environment, including negative inner chatter.

In my dream of that goal I am a superhero. I wear awesome clothing, I spike my hair up (Even more than I do now), then I put on my running shoes, or pick up those weights, or hop on my bike, or switch those chips for nuts and take superhero actions on my goal.  

At night I pull out my journal and I make a list 1 through 10 and next to the number for that new year’s resolution, I write what I did towards that goal. Inevitably I did a few more things towards other goals, so I write them down too.  YAH.

Creative Trickster YOU

Then I fall fast asleep grateful for my ability to do something. I don’t worry if I didn’t do something for every single number (aka goal), I think okay, tomorrow maybe work on that PERFORM goal, or DRAW goal, or…you get the picture?

I am still keeping them alive by using my imaginary personas to help me, and keeping the process from becoming SUPER BORING and myself from being riddled with guilt.  See what I’m saying?

Send me your tips and we’ll all get to our goals faster,

Until next time go get your CREATIVEGENIUS on!


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