Cultivate Your Cool

Have you noticed how cool some people are?  Have you ever checked out what makes them that way? I have been around some amazingly cool people this week and I realized upon reflection that all of them have two things in common…passion and self-confidence.

It was all about how comfortable they were with whatever happened, and how they go out of their way to make this world a better place. Many people look to the external things as, like the outer trappings for what “cool” is. But if you peel back a layer, there’s where cool really lives.

Cool are the people who stand up for themselves and others, who put their foot down to bullying. Cool is when you really, really, really care for the planet and take steps to reduce, reuse, recycle. Cool can be the neighbor who brings your trashcans out for you when you’re on vacation, or the guy at the light who’s happily rocking out to his car radio. Cool is the person who lets you go first.

This week go out of your way to develop your coolness. Do something you’re passionate about. It might be changing a behavior to bring more love into your house, no matter where you live or whom you live with. Or maybe it’s finally taking action on a social issue that’s been bugging you. It’s signing up to volunteer at the food bank, or to table at a community event. Or maybe it’s just getting back into the kitchen and taking the time to make some great homemade meals.

While you’re busy cultivating your cool, make sure to acknowledge someone else for theirs. People love to be thought of as “cool” so let’s spread some of that coolness around.

Whether or not you have time to develop your coolness this week, make sure you appreciate the cool that you already are. Think of all the little things you do to make this world a cooler place to live. It could be a small thing, like always making sure to thank your barista, or picking up trash you see on the ground. Or maybe it’s a bigger thing, like contributing time and resources to others. Spread your awesome coolness far and wide and make your piece of the planet the coolest place to live.


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