D is for Discipline

Recently I read a scathing post from someone about how misleading it is to believe that if you simply envision something it will become reality. And it’s true, simply envisioning something won’t necessarily get you anywhere. But, that envisioning will start a process in your mind that can ultimately lead towards your desired future. When we set goals, we take ownership of our desired outcomes, and the chemicals in our brains change. We get surges of dopamine and serotonin that excite us and drive us forward.1

It takes discipline to achieve even the smallest of goals. Think about the two goals we all strive for every day: eat well, and exercise.

These, for me, are areas in which I really have to apply discipline. If I don’t shut my mind up, it will talk me into eating the salty, oily crackers and chips which call to me from the grocery store shelves. It will convince me that running 3 miles isn’t necessary today, and that I don’t need to try and make it ALL the way up that hill.

D is for DAMN YOU voice.

D is also for Deciding to keep going.

Which is how you actually achieve your goals. You envision, you set bold steps and break them down into smaller ones. Then, you track those goals and you CELEBRATE the holy hell out of everything you achieve – big and small!

Celebrating and rewarding yourself trains your body and mind to understand that, however difficult it might seem, this thing you are doing is good. 

Right now, think of one or two things you have achieved recently, and stop for a moment to celebrate Creative Genius YOU. Or if you just saw someone else do something awesome, stop and celebrate them.

Goal setting has been dominating the conversation for a very long time. Let’s talk and share more about goal getting, because that’s where the real magic is happening.

Get out, Creative Genius, and get some goals this week. Then shout hooray from every mountain top!


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