Ditch distractions and be an Intentional Genius.

Have you ever been watching a talk show, and the host and their guest get into a rambling conversation that’s not really interesting, and you wonder whether or not it’s just filler? It’s not anything you can relate to, but is just using up time on the show. Often at this point, you might flick over to something else, or delete the show from your watch list.

Filler doesn’t exclusively exist in TV land. It’s all around us, and we commonly refer to it as procrastination. What’s the filler in your life? What do you do to distract yourself from exercising, eating well, or taking your career to the next level? I like to call these things the distracting distractibles. That double D is lurking in your mind at all times, and it’s pulling you back into old patterns and behaviors. The brain likes routine, and so it loves filler. It knows all about it because it’s played that LP since the beginning of time.

This week, why not cut out the filler? To achieve your goals and change your patterns and habits, you have to work to notice the distracting distractibles. Once you notice them, it takes more work to shift them. They could be something obvious, like incessant Facebook News Feed scrolling, or something less apparent like that tiny voice in your head telling you it won’t happen, or you can’t do it. It could be an inexplicable urge to scrub down the kitchen counters every time you think to check your emails, or a quick hop in the shower when really you need to be making that phone call.

The world is filled with filler. Like a balm, it wants to woo you to stay in the same place. It’s not intentional; it’s just the make-up of our physical world. It begs you to buy more stuff, eat more junk, post more cute pics to Instagram, until suddenly it’s March and what on earth happened to those 2018 goals?

But you are more than filler; you are creative genius in action. You are a true goal getter. So go out in the world and be your best self, choosing the best for yourself so you can bring your best self to others. Do what you can to take the next step and stay alert, so you can respond and serve at the highest level for all life.


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