Do More Than Shout UNCLE

Wow this Presidential Election is going kookoo in la munga! Have we ever seen such a circus?  Talk about a process that needs revisiting.  But by whom and how?

Have you ever felt this way about some process or experience you were having in your world?  Like there’s a big pile of chaos surrounding you and the situation and you can’t figure out which ring to grab to help pull yourself up-and-out?

All of us have been in the middle of a tornado at some point, what can you do about it? Here are three basic rules:

Which Ring Do I Grab?

1. Stop pretending you can’t do anything about it.

Or if you insist on turning your head back to that movie or phone or obsessive whateveryoudotoavoidit, remember that it will not just miraculously go away. It just won’t. Pull your head out of the sand!

2. Accept responsibility for your part in the conundrum.

You’re a citizen. You’re a student. You’re a co-worker. You’re a ________fill in the blank. You are at the center of what’s bugging you.

3. Take some small actions towards making a change.

That’s right, go out and do something! Action ceases panic. Action puts you in the driver’s seat. Action helps create change in the world.

For example, if you don’t like what’s happening in the election circus, sign up to help canvas your neighborhood, or write a letter to the press, or help on Election Day. Passive resistance really means just what it says, you are being passive. That makes you the cause of their effect. Ewwwww.

Or if something is happening right in your hood, take some small steps. Since we know that people can draw their dreams into reality, you certainly can make a difference right where you are. Did you notice that on International Women’s Day, you could visit a number of websites (including the Ellen show) the host interviews with women that were making huge impacts in their world? Get inspired by them and find your own voice!

Everyone, including you, can make an impact. Volunteering to help someone or something will raise your self-esteem and help you align with your purpose and your values. If you are wondering who you are and why you are here in the world, giving of your time and love is the simplest way to find out.

Make a list, and get out there

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