Do you need a Covid-19 Divining Rod?

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I don’t know about you but does it feel sometimes like you need a divining rod to figure out what's happening with Covid 19? This pandemic has caught us all by surprise and its changing every day. The people in charge say one thing one day then say something else a few days later. First it's going to be closed then its back open, the curve is flattening out now its going back up, Don’t wear facemasks, wear facemasks, things are under control, things are not under control. Who do you listen to and when?

It’s crazy making Isn’t it?

But because of this crisis we have already begun to re-invented education. We’ve reinvented how we connect with people and how our business is run. Or if we still aren’t sure yet how to re-invent our business we are still trying to figure out ways how to do it.

I absolutely love this kind of change because disruption is the perfect time to break our old habits and re-examine the things in our life to improve. It’s a time to open up our lives an our businesses to new criticism and examine them deeply to see what we want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Then we can create a new plan of transformation to get us to where we need to be regardless of the changing environment.

I want to help you examine your life, career or business and give you the confidence you need to reinvent yourself and everything in your life. That’s why I’ve created the Conquer Covid-19 It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint 5 Day Challenge. To help you get through these times of change with confidence.

The next challenge starts on Monday, April 27th so don’t miss out and sign up below.

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I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to turn a moment of confusion into transformation.

Keep those hands clean and we’ll make it through this,



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