Don’t just Goalset – GoalGET

Summer is a great time to hack yourself. I find that during summer, people are generally more relaxed and so are you (unless you are in traffic!) which lets your CreativeGenius ideas flow more smoothly.  Why not use this time to find out how your own thought cycles work?

Each of us has things we want to accomplish or create. For some of us, our inner critic immediately gets in there and starts yamming away:

“Oh that idea’s too big!”

“You might want that but… (fill in the blank with why it won’t happen).

On the other end of the spectrum are people who believe that if they put it out there, it will happen immediately without any effort at all.  A number of people have come up to me over the years to tell me that just writing the bold steps is all it takes. Hmmm…

Others have told me that they finished their map, stared at it for a while, and nothing changed. Hmmm…again.

I think there may be some “wrong end of the stick” voodoo going on here.

If you are truly the master of your universe, hack your thought cycle to see what it actually takes to bring your dream into reality.  Here’s a few things to try:

1.  Identify something you would like to see happen in your world. If you are skeptical about your abilities, keep it simple – perhaps you want a meeting to go well.

2.  This is the important part, as reaching your goals can be as much about an attitude adjustment as anything else: Imagine it is happening right now – you’re ending the meeting and it has been amazing and everyone is excited and you can feel that feeling.

3.  Ask for this or something better. Just put it out there. The great thing about life is that it so often reflects what you put out.

4.  Pay attention. Then anything that comes your way, be extra grateful for (Remember attitude is key!). You get caught in traffic, thanks!  You get a phone call from a friend, thanks!  Your meeting participants show up on time!  Thanks!  Give thanks for everything that comes knowing that it is all happening so you can know more, learn more, be more.

5. Did it happen? If so, why? Maybe your attitude brought a great atmosphere into the room, which lead to an AWESOME meeting. If you hadn’t being paying attention, you might have assumed it just “Happened” (Magic!). Sit up and notice your part in it.

Or, maybe it didn’t happen. Why not? Is there something you could do differently next time? Maybe you were trying too hard, and came across as manic. Or maybe you were so confident you’d achieve your goal that you forgot to try at all. Revisit and revise. Just because it didn’t work out this time doesn’t mean you should throw the goal out the window. Learn from your experience and use it for the next big meeting. You’ve got this.

It’s summer.  Take time to relax, and open up to all the possibilities before you.

Goal getting is about so much more than goal setting.

Happy hacking #creativegeniuses!

#goalgetting #goalsetting


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